A Long Hard Streak | Team
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Scott Rabideau

(Director and Producer)

Scott Rabideau is a director and producer who has worked in the film, television, and documentary worlds. His previous short documentary ā€œ10-E-Cā€ was shot in the same area of Tennessee as his feature debut A Long Hard Streak. In addition to directing and producing at Greenfield Media he has worked for commercial clients and non-profit organizations such as the Ford Theatre Foundation, the SCAN Foundation, and the Special Olympics.

Bryan Stamp


Bryan is an independent documentary film producer and consultant whose most recent credits include A Long Hard Streak and The Human Trial. From 2010 to 2012, Bryan curated the Outfest Film Festival program and has consulted for the Sundance Documentary Film Program and the Sundance Film Festival. From 2005 to 2010, he was a Creative Executive in the Documentary Films division at Participant Media.

Projected Picture Works

(Executive Producers)

Projected Picture Works is an independent production company founded by Sean Penn, John Ira Palmer, and John Wildermuth. Focused on developing and producing compelling stories in all forms, Projected Picture Works collaborates with both established artists and emerging talent to tell stories that are original, meaningful, and cinematic.